BYC made it possible for me to meet with other young people who are like minded and want to make a different, however small, in things that affect us, and made sure our voices were heard.

Mamataj Begum, 18, BYC Volunteer (2010-11)


The key to our success in campaigning is the combination of activities and platforms we provide: we do not simply train young people with the skills to campaign effectively, we make sure their views are taken directly to MPs, local councillors and other decision makers to have a lasting impact on policy.


Join us to campaign on the issues that matter most to thousands of young people across the country. Together we will lobby the UK Parliament, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and the Northern Ireland Assembly to take action, and continue to press those whose decisions affect young people to listen to our concerns.

As someone who campaigns with BYC, you can talk to other young people and your local press, and get them to see how their support for young people on these issues can make a difference.


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