December 2012

17/12/2012 - BYC launches new Manifesto - to campaign on public transport, work experience and a fair deal for young people 


13/12/2012 - UK Youth Parliament holds first ever elections in Northern Ireland


November 2012

23/11/2012 - Youth Parliament calls for curriculum overhaul


05/11/2012 - All full 'adult' fares should start at 18, concludes Youth Select Committee


October 2012

22/10/2012 - Schools challenged to Create the Debate after 250,000 young people participated in largest ever youth consultation


10/10/2012 - BYC responds to announcement on Votes at 16 in the Scottish Referendum


September 2012

05/09/2012 - Young people elect new Chair of British Youth Council

04/09/2012 - BYC responds to news of Tim Loughton's departure


August 2012

30/08/2012 - Young people rally to Cardiff to shape Youth Manifesto

20/08/2012 - Youth Parliament calls on young people to 'Make their Mark'


July 2012

25/07/2012 - Members of Youth Parliament prepare for Commons debate

06/07/2012 - Ministers called to give evidence to Youth Select Committee

05/07/2012 - Young people to 'youth proof' government policy

02/07/2012 - Youth Select Committee witness schedule announced


June 2012

25/06/2012: BYC's Vice Chair responds to David Cameron's proposals to withdraw housing benefits for those under 25

18/06/2012: BYC announces second round of YOB Award winners

14/06/2012: New report highlights inequalities in Free School Meals system


May 2012

21/05/2012: Youth-20 delegation advise G20 leaders on youth unemployment

15/05/2012: Ministers meet with youth representatives to discuss improvements to public transport

11/05/2012: British Youth Council statement on Votes at 16

03/05/2012: British Youth Council shortlisted for prestigious national award

April 2012

17/04/2012: Youth Select Committee calls for evidence on public transport

03/04/2012: Young people debate the role of women in politics on set of 'The Iron Lady'

02/04/2012: Work Experience Quality Charter is a 'positive first step', says BYC Chair  


March 2012

30/03/2012: BYC announces first round of YOB winners

28/03/2012: Riots panel report does not empower young people to strengthen communities, says The British Youth Council

22/03/2012: The British Youth Council (BYC) is concerned that the Budget does little to help young people

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