January 2013

24/01/2013- "A new age for democracy - 16!" Historic Commons 2:1 vote to lower franchise: BYC and UKYP respond


February 2013

04/03/2013 - Hastings Academy is first to sign up to UKYP 'Curriculum For Life' pledge


28/02/2013 - Secretary of State Michael Gove MP answers National Scrutiny Group's questions


05/02/2013- National Scrutiny Group put Michael Gove's comments on the agenda


04/02/2013- 54 candidates stand for 18 UK Youth Parliament seats in Northern Ireland


01/02/2013- Labour leader Ed Miliband pledges support for UK Youth Parliament Curriculum for Life campaign


01/02/2013- Government response to the first ever 'Youth Select Committee'


March 2013



15/04/2013 - BYC address increased inequality in the National Minimum Wage in open letter to Vince Cable

14/04/2013 - BYC announces survey and letter to Home Secretary regarding Police and Crime Commissioner consultations


May 2013

03/05/2013 - DfE renews Youth Voice funding to BYC and UK Youth Parliament: "33% cut will mean challenges ahead"


November 2013

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