Equality4U is a chance for young people to explore four key liberation campaigns for groups within society that face discrimination. We look at what equality is and how it affects young people as individuals as well the reasons why the fight for equality goes on.

The events consists of interactive issue based workshops and plenary sessions. BYC recognises that some groups are either under-represented or discriminated against in our society. In particular those in BME, Disabled, LGBT groups, women and those in faith groups. As part of BYC's commitment to combat discrimination and to promote an active equal opportunities policy we provide specific opportunities for members of these groups, so that with targeted support, they can work to combat inequality in society. The purpose is to meet together, share experiences and propose ways to support each other and help BYC as a whole determine its policy and campaigns in these areas. These BYC members events are known as Equality4U and Young People and Faith, and complement other opportunities for everyone at Conventions or the BYC Annual Council. These comply with the requirements of  Equalities Act 2012 Code of Practice.

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