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The British Youth Council, funded by the Department for Education, has recruited a National Scrutiny Group (NSG) of young people who will work with Government Departments and Ministers to ensure that young people's views and needs are taken into account when developing policies that affect them.

The NSG, made up of 15 young people aged 11-19 from across England, will enable Government departments and ministers to make more informed decisions, by giving young people's views on content and implementation of policy.

The group will work together to identify a number of priority issues for the coming year. Ministers will also be asked to consider engaging with the NSG on issues that need to be 'youth proofed'. 

The purpose of the National Scrutiny group is to:

  1. Enable Government departments and Ministers to seek young people's views on the content and implementation of their policies and thereby enable them to make more informed decisions;
  2. Advise Ministers and departments on appropriate standards for the meaningful and credible involvement of young people in policy development and scrutiny.

How it works

NSG members

Info for Gov't departments

Meetings and reports


Watch NSG members talk about the group's role, and their hopes for what it can achieve.

Jake Pitt, NSG Member and MYP for Mendip:


Vikram Patel, NSG Member and MYP for Birmingham:



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