News _youthvoice2Following the publication of the Government's 'Positive For Youth' strategy in December 2011 which explained that the Department for Education was commissioning the British Youth Council to provide a support service for youth participation, we are ready to announce the details of our "Youth Voice" programme for local authorities.

"Youth Voice" will enable us to support young people's voice and involve them in decision making at both a local and national level in England in 2012/13 as well as promote greater recognition of their achievements. This means that BYC will now offer one joint service which will result in a reduction in costs the two previous organisations (UKYP and BYC) as well as an increase in benefits and involvement of more young people.

Youth Voice Vehicles - self assessment

BYC has developed self-assessment toolkit to help Youth Voice Vehicles (youth Councils, forums, cabinets and parliaments) and local authorities review their current arrangements and identify how they can be even more successful in listening to, and acting on, the views of young people.

Here you can download the toolkit, and view the results of our reserch carried out in Summer 2012...

Training and development

Each region will host 3 BYC coventions in 2012/13.

Find out more information about these events and our bespoke training offer...

UK Youth Parliament

Information for local authorities who run the UK Youth Parliament...

Youth Voice resources

BYC has published a number of resources and toolkits to support the development of Youth Voice within local authorities.

You can browse and download these resources here...

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