You're Welcome Review and Refresh 2016

Public Health England (PHE), NHS England and the Department of Health (DH) are working together to review the 'You're Welcome' accreditation process and to refresh the standards.  Whilst we don't envisage the standards will change significantly, we want the opportunity to ensure they are current and importantly are meaningful to young people.

The team working to take this forward is the British Youth Council (BYC), the Association of Young People's Health (AYPH) and Youth Focus North West. Importantly, the programme of work will be overseen by young people themselves with support of the NHS Youth Forum and many other young people from across the country.

Following an initial review and consultation period outlined above, we have developed the proposals for revised standards and accreditation below.

We are carrying out an online survey and conducting structured conversations in a range of settings to get feedback on these proposals throughout March and April. The survey is also an opportunity to gather good practice examples.

If you would like to give feedback on the proposals below or share your good practice examples of engaging with young people in service design, delivery and review, please visit:

Alistair Burt MP, Minister for Community and Social Care, said in a recent speech: "When I met with the Youth Select Committee, they wanted to feel more supported to tell their story, a way of making young people more comfortable to be open and honest.

"In light of this, the British Youth Council, the Association for Young People's Health and Youth in Focus are working with us, PHE and NHS England to review the 'You're Welcome' accreditation process and improve the standards. This was also something that the Youth Select Committee made clear to me, too, so we know it means a lot to young people.

"Our review is seeking the views of young people and professionals about how services can best support conversations about mental health and other health concerns. I would encourage you all to be a part of this review - your opinions on this matter greatly."

Read the full speech.


We will keep you posted as the work progresses, please keep an eye on twitter for regular updates by following #urw16

Download Proposal for You're Welcome

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